Click to enlargeSix years in the making, Coincident Speaker Technology is now offering what is being described as a genuine breakthrough in speaker cable design, the TRS Extreme. While Coincident’s previous reference cable, the TRS, was considered by many as the most neutral cable available, the TRS Extreme represents a significant advance in purity, transparency, immediacy and revelation of detail. The TRS Extreme is the closest thing to no cable at all. Bypass tests actually confirm this statement.

The TRS Extreme is constructed of an intricate, litz geometry of 6N copper, employing multiple strands of ultra fine conductors in addition to six varying gauges of insulated solid core. Total cable gauge is 8 awg. The highest quality air porous Teflon dielectric is used for the absolute least smearing of detail. ( as is common with almost all other dielectric materials). The TRS Extreme involves exceptionally tight winding of the conductors and application of the Teflon dielectric to eliminate micro vibration as well as intimate coupling of the hot and ground signals to reduce inductance (which is the cause of high frequency roll off) to vanishingly low levels.

Extensive research and aural auditioning lead to the realization that any outer jacket on a speaker cable results in very significant veiling and coloration of the signal passing through it. Therefore, the TRS Extreme cable eschews the use of a signal contaminating outer jacket. This will superficially cause the cable to appear less bulky and perhaps less impressive visually, (the only justification in using outer jackets) but will result in a cable virtually devoid of a sonic signature. As a practical benefit, the TRS Extreme is very flexible and convenient to use.


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Available with our 6N copper spades or audiophile quality banana plugs.

Retail Price: $US/ pr.
Up to 4 feet $1095.00
Each additional foot/pr. $150.00


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