Click to enlargeFollowing on the heels of the breakthrough Extreme speaker cable, Coincident is excited to announce the just released Extreme IC. This interconnect is based upon the TRS Extreme speaker cable (same conductor and dialetrics) but optimized for line and phono level signals. Years of extensive research and countless hours of aural auditioning has lead to an interconnect that is virtually devoid of a sonic signature, so transparent and neutral is the Extreme IC.

As with the Extreme speaker cable, the IC has no outer jacket nor does it have any shielding or filler material of any kind. This causes the cable to be relatively thin and highly flexible. Furthermore, due to the absence of any extraneous dialetrics or unnecessary shielding, the Extreme IC, as the Extreme speaker cable, requires less than 100 hours for full break in and will sound exceptional right out of the box.

The Extreme IC is comprised of multi strand 6N copper of varying diameters and a specialized, intricate geometry all calculated to minimize signal loss or alteration almost below the threshold of audibility. Capacitance is kept to a minimum but more importantly, inductance, due to the extremely tight coupling of the hot and ground conductors, is at vanishingly low levels, which ensures flat frequency response beyond 30khz.

The Extreme IC offers the same state of the art performance as the Extreme speaker cable. The Extreme IC is available as a:

Line level cable with Coincident proprietary RCA connectors which use 24 Karat gold plated solid barrel copper, Teflon dielectric, and non ferrous metal caps or Neutrik XLR.

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Price : $450 US/ 1m pr.

Phono : RCA - $450 US/ 1m pr.

XLR - $ 495 US/ 1m pr.

             RCA --  DIN   $595 US/ 1m pr.  

Each additional .5m is $ 135 US


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