One of those really special products that comes along once in a while to set the audio world on its ear. This little speaker just sounds just right.  How can something this little sound so darned good?  Beats me, but it definitely rates as a Sensible Standard.
-Sensible Sound May/97

The Triumphs do so many things so well that I find it hard to fault them harshly in any particular area.  However-what they do provide is so musically rewarding that I can confidently state that they are one of the finest speakers that I have auditioned.  Bottomline: If your eyes were closed and you could listen onlv to the Triumphs, it would be easy to think that their cost was considerably more.  Perhaps due to their superb transparency of these speakers ,the better the incoming signal, the more you will find good about the Triumphs.  Let me offer a better description of the Triumph's more notable attributes such as sound staging, imaging, bass reproduction, midrange realism, high frequency extension, transparency and dynamics.  Generally, the Triumphs do all of these things well and in some cases do them exceptionally well.  In fact, though not perfect, the Triumph's limitations appear to be at a minimum At this point you may think that I have overstated the case for these little wondrous speakers. Quite frankly, I love them.  They have many of the finer virtues of the Audio Physics' Step speakers I just previously reviewed, but with greater sweetness in the highs, even more clarity and resolution in the mids, and definitely more extension and power in the lows.  Also, compared to my previously owned Epos 11’s,  it really wasn't much of a contest in favor of the Triumphs.  In each comparison, the Coincident speakers came out on top overall.  Certainly at their price point, $799 US, their performance is something special. 
For many high end afficionados wishing to put together a truly musical cost-effective system that can be used in a variety of room situations the Triumphs should be at the top of the list for consideration.  With their truly outstanding performance they have remained in my home for quite some time.  Trust me, this is not through the generosity of an extended loan by the manufacturer,  it’s due to the fact that I bought them.  The Triumphs are good speakers ... really good speakers.  You should definitely check em' out. 
-The Audiophile Voice Sept/98

If you've read my reviews of the Triumphs and Conquests from Coincident you know these are superb speakers especially for the money.  I have yet to hear a speaker under $1.5K that beats either of these two Coincident models. 
-Sensible Sound-Feb/98

This speaker is killer.  Easily beats the Epos 12, Paragon Jubilee and Audio Physic Step.  Incredible for the price.  No, just incredible period.  The cheque for this pair is in the mail.
-Bill Wells-The Audiophile Voice

Put simply, these are amazing speakers for the price and deserve to have their praise trumpeted to everyone who's sensible about bookshelf speakers (and even those who are not quite so sane).  I had these speakers pegged at costing around $2000 a pair, perhaps as high as $2500.
-The Sensible Sound-Dec/Jan 97

The Triumph is indeed a triumph of sorts; a speaker that delivers when listening to movie soundtracks and also sounds mighty fine on music.  And with bass this good, you'd be likely to not notice if your subwoofers were shut off.  These five identical speakers create a soundfield that makes you forget you're in a home theater.
-Home Theater Magazine-Nov/96

The Triumphs are not about boom, bang and sizzle.  No tipped up tizzy treble to heighten detail or strategically placed low end humps to extend the apparent bass range.  Instead they're about sound-elegant, smooth and detailed sound.  In short, they are refined speakers that feel comfortable making music with components many times their price.  In summary, what I liked about the Triumphs most is that they did not sound like sub-thousand dollar speakers.  I simply listened and listened without concern for their price.  All in all, I can say that the Triumph offers outstanding sonic value.

With all amplifiers the Triumphs delivered absolutely stunning sound, best described as rather neutral, yet very musical.  These speakers look like so many other so-called bookshelf types, but distinguish themselves with outstanding sonic attributes.  When the price isn't known and listening is used as the only criterion to establish value, the CSTs come in as outright winners.  It is wrong to assume that low price indicates poor quality and the CSTs are a perfect example of what can be achieved when proper care is taken-that's when choosing materials and components, proper engineering is employed and common sense is applied.  It's obvious that these speakers are excellent, offer great sonic neutrality, while delivering resolution and musical performance far exceeding their price category.
-The Inner Ear Report-Dec/96

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