World Premiere! Coincident Speaker Technology Super Victory Reaching the upper tier of high-end audio without spending unreal sums of money
Rick Becker

In today's marketplace my Kharma Ceramique 2.2c is a significantly more expensive loudspeaker that should more fairly be compared with Coincident's new Pure Reference. Nonetheless, the Super Victory went head to head with the 2.2c; besting it in some respects, while differing in others. For those wishing to reach the upper tier of high-end audio without spending unreal sums of money, the SV could easily be the cornerstone of an outstanding rig. Not only does it do most of what a speaker should do, it gives you a window to examine the upstream components. Thus, allowing you to easily adjust the music to suit your taste whether it is the pursuit of some absolute standard, or simply music that makes you tap your toe. With its reasonably high efficiency and tube friendly design, it will probably plug into whatever gear you have right now. From that point onward, it will it will keep you from going musically astray or spending your money foolishly. In these tough economic times the Super Victory makes huge sense. This one is a real winner!

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