The Sensible Sound, Jan/Feb 98


Tim Parker: 

SPEAKERS: Here's the category I get the most questions about.  My favorites in the three price ranges (low price, med price and high price) are simple: Coincident Technology, Coincident Technology and Proac.  If you've read my reviews of the Triumphs and Conquests from Coincident Technology, you know these are superb speakers especially for the price.  I have yet to hear a speaker under $1.5 K that beats either of these two Coincident models.  The difference between the two is not so much money as floor-standing versus bookshelf (with good stands ,the two cost about the same.)  The Coincident Technology speakers may not be knock-dead gorgeous in finish (exotic woods add a bunch of bucks) but they are in sound.  "There are good mid-price speakers from several other manufaturers ,including Totem, but the Coincidents are just too good for the money to not be favorites."

COMPLETE SYSTEMS: My other friend has a more modest budget and smaller room.  For her, we chose a Rotel CD player, Rotel amp and preamp separates, a Rega Planar 3 turntable with Sumiko Blue Point Special and Coincident Technology Conquests.  Different sound from this system, but very satisfying to listen to.

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