The Sensible Sound, Apr-May/97


Coincident Speaker Technology Triumph ($849) Reviewed in #61 by TP. One of those really special products that comes along every once in a while to set the audio world on its ear. This little speaker just sounds right. How can something this little sound so darned good? Beats me, but it definitely rates as a $ensible $tandard.

Coincident Speaker Technology Conquest ($1495) Reviewed in this issue by TP. Bigger brother of the Triumph, with better bass - but at a considerably highly price. Still, an excellent value in a very competitive price bracket.

Coincident Speaker Technology Troubador ($1499) Review forthcoming. The tweeter is mounted coincident with the woofer, living up to the name of the company. Bass performance is OK, although not up to the standard set by the biro L/1. The real strong point of this speaker is its overall coherence. It's easy to forget you are listening to speakers and just start concentrating on the music instead, making the Troubador a $ensible $tandard.

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