Coincident Pure Reference Speakers Preliminary Observations
High End Audio - November 2007

Coincident Speaker - Puer ReferenceI now have around 30 hours of serious play time with these speakers (plus around 100 hours of "FM receiver time"). I've been able to optimize both their room position and the (sub)woofer orientation (outside). The bi-amp crossover point is also now "in the ballpark", and may even be final. While there is plenty more break-in and detailed evaluation to come, I can now confidently confirm, without the slightest doubt, that these are the finest speakers I've ever heard. In fact, they are both the most accurate and the most complete sounding speakers in my experience. Much more about this extraordinary component will be posted in December 2007, but, for perspective's sake...

The Pure Reference actually achieves the state-of-the-art performance that numerous "High-End" speaker manufacturers have promised for decades, and have almost always failed to deliver, despite their (over-hyped) technological claims, the (undeserved) raves from groveling audio "reviewers" and the obscene prices they have charged.


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