Coincident Phono Stage - September 2010

Coincident Line Stage- I now have this working in my system. It obviously solves the problem of matching the volume with different step-ups and phono stages. It is outstanding in performance (and in build quality), as others have already posted on the Internet. I'll have much more to discuss about this component, hopefully in September. I'll also discuss Line Stages in general, a subject I have thought a lot about, despite the fact that my own system has successfully avoided using them for more than 15 years.

Coincident Phono Stage- I have now heard this unit in my system, and (like the line stage) it is also outstanding in performance and build quality. I will discuss this unit and phono stages in general, using my (highly-modified) Jadis JP-80 as the ultimate reference, both in its unequalled (in my experience) sound quality and its ultra-minimalist design.

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