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Coincident Speaker

Technology Total Victory IV

Longstanding Canadian manufacturer Coincident Speaker Technology produces critically-acclaimed amplifiers and loudspeakers. Rick Becker reviewed their Super Victory loudspeaker and felt that following up with their upper line Total Victory IV ($14,999 per pair) would be a simple task. What he was not prepared for was... "The step from the Super Victory to the Total Victory will be necessary if your room is about 6000 cubic feet or larger" says Rick. "I expect when putting a TV IV in a smaller room the extra $5500 will buy you mostly the qualitative improvements (versus the smaller model)... It is not that the three models sound dramatically different from one another in tonal balance. But as you move up the line the audible quality improves and they can play in larger rooms. The common denominators: slightly warm, non-fatiguing, very revealing, transparent, dynamic, totally enjoyable." You can read Rick Becker's review of the Coincident Speaker Technology Total Victory IV speaker here.



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