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Coincident Statement Line Stage

While any award list has the obvious components you've read about time and again, yet what about those secret sleepers? Lovers of vacuum tubes might not have used the truly beautiful 101D. Not sure why as it proves its merits within the Coincident Statement Line Stage ($5000). The two large 101D tubes are about the size and shape of a standard incandescent light bulb and give off a gentle glow. This two-chassis design includes a 40 pound separate power supply to mate with the 30 pound linestage. There are two unbalanced RCA inputs and balanced XLR, with outputs being both RCA and XLR. We're not quite sure how Coincident gives you so much for $500, yet we're surely not complaining either. "When I first heard the Statement Line Stage I knew it was a very special piece," says reviewer Rick Becker, "But it took some playing and tweaking to learn how good it really is. You can't build a world class system with a plug 'n' play mentality. As a replacement for a full function preamp it will force you to re-think your front end, yet it also offers flexibility for bi-amplifying as well as a balanced source and balanced amplifier. The seldom seen (but not outrageously priced) 101D tube is the crown jewel of this design and it will give you a high degree of exclusivity in audiophile circles. Sonically, the Statement is a thoroughbred with Triple Crown potential, a serious assault on the State of the Art at a price that should recalibrate "value" in the high-end. It may very well be the finest piece ever to have come from the mind of Israel Blume. I expect it will remain my reference for many years to come." Read Rick Becker's review of the Coincident Statement Line Stage here.



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