Coincident Speaker Technology

Dynamo 34SE

The Absolute Sound - Buyers Guide 2017 - Issue 267


The swanky Dynamo isn't your typical 8Wpc single-ended triode (SET) design. There is no 300B triode in sight. A 6SL7 dual-triode drives a triode-connected EL34 output stage. There is no global feedback and the power supply is tube-rectified. The 5U4G rectifier arc'd briefly on DO's sample when the amplifier was powered up. Coincident considers this to be a normal event, but any arc'ing is cause for concern when it comes to the rectifier's lifetime. The input signal is routed through a 100k-ohm pot allowing a direct connection to an external line-level-source. Expect a sweet midrange, an exceptionally dimensional soundstage, and a dynamic presentation belying the amp's miniscule power rating-at least when driving a high-sensitivity loudspeaker. Harmony textures aren't overly liquid, implying decent-bandwidth output transformers. Treble textures can be improved via judicious tube rolling. Here is an amp that shouldn't be defined on the basis of it's cost. It captures much of the magic of SETs at an entry-level price point. Because of its high source impedance the Dynamo may not always yield the most accurate tonal balance, but the crux of the matter is foot-tapping musical bliss. (250)



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