Coincident Dynamo 34SE MKII SET Amplifier- $1495

The first hint that I wasn't getting the best out of the 12 Ohm, 93dB efficient Triode Masters was when I replaced my 80-150-wpc solid-state amps with the amazing 8-wpc Coincident Dynamo 34SE MkII SET amp. I can't officially give the Dynamo an award as I didn't review it, just purchased it based on a friend's raves. Adding the Statement power cord on Coincident honcho Israel Blume's recommendation upped the performance so markedly I bought another cord for the Oppo 205. Which led me to buy one of their interconnects, each cable easily bettering what I had carefully and happily matched to the solid state amp/metal driver speakers in my previous rooms. With all due respect for the vast universe of dedicated cable manufacturers out there, let me suggest that a company whose main product lines are efficient loudspeakers and tube amps can have a special insight into what cables work best for such products, even if they don't take out full page ads in the magazines (or charge enough to pay for them). Oh, and I swapped out the stock tubes for NOS 6SL7s and Gold Lion KT77s, too. Consider any previous reservations about dynamics, air, etc. null and void. While the low bass is still limited, the quality of bass is superb.

When I started my Spatial review, I wrote that I did not trust loudspeaker reviews. My experience with the Spatial M4/Coincident 34SE MkII combo only reaffirmed my feeling that like so much in audio, loudspeaker performance always ends up system and room specific. That said, both products-and both companies-deserve my highest recommendation.

Coincident Speaker Statement Dynamo 34SE MK II review by TONEAudio MAGAZINE

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