Review - Positive Feedback

Actually, the M4TMs were happy with all the amps I tried, but there were differences.The Bel Canto monoblocks had the tightest bass but the driest treble. The STA 200 added a touch of warmth and a deeper soundstage. Spatial suggests any amp over 10 wpc will do. The Dynamo is rated at but 8 wpc (more like 6 into 12 Ohms off the 8 Ohm taps, I'd guess), yet it never seemed stressed or compressed in my 1000 cu ft space. It bested all others on the "palpability" index, not surprising for a SET, and on balance was easily the winner. As both the NuForce and the Dynamo fit on one amp stand, it was easy to go back and forth, no heavy lifting.

But the Triode Master speaker implies a special compatibility with low -power tube amps, as confirmed by the 12 ohm impedance and 93db sensitivity. I've had push/pull tube amps in the past, but never owned high-efficiency speakers that would warrant boutique 300B SETs and the like. But, late in the review period, when I had an opportunity to pick up a low mileage Coincident Dynamo 34SE- Mark II ( MSRP $1499), I didn’t hesitate. In fact, I was sufficiently impressed to order Coincident’s Statement power cord for it( MSRP $695), which so elevated the performance it should be considered essential ( despite pushing the retail over my $2000 target range).Using inexpensive EL34s rather than pricey exotics, its an obvious choice for the Spatials.

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