Coincident Speaker Technology

Dynamo 34SE MKIII

2021 TAS Editors Choice Award


The swanky Dynamo isn't your typical 8Wpc single-ended-triode (SET) design. There is no 300B in sight. A 6SL7 dual-triode drives a triode-connected EL34 output stage. There is no global feedback, and the power supply is tube rectified. Expect a sweet midrange, an exceptionally dimensional soundstage, and a dynamic presentation belying the amp's miniscule power rating. Harmonic textures aren't overly liquid, implying decent-bandwidth output transformers. Treble textures can be improved via judicious tube-rolling. Here is an amp that shouldn't be defined on the basis of its cost. It captures much of the magic of SETs at an entry-level price. DO, 283


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