Positive Feedback Jan. 98

Dr. Harvey Gizmo Rosenberg
Grand Wazir of Speakermaniacs

    My crusade for high efficiency speakers could take up an entire issue of PF, so I have just included summaries here. You can obtain my more detailed analysis of these speakers either directly from the listed companies or from their web site. 

    COINCIDENT LOUDSPEAKERS: When young Israel Blume is not munching on triodes he is creating speakers for triodmaniacs. This dude may be a major new speakermeister.  All of his speakers are 90db and up efficient and from my conversations with  him I  know his nose knows the difference in the aroma of exotic triode fruit. I am auditioning his $1500 Conquest, which is another big blast of sand kicked into the face of The Weeny Whiny Priests of The Monkey Coffin Temple who bitch and complain that it is impossible to make a high efficiency/refined/kick butt speaker that is affordable. With my eight watt 300B single-ended amp I could easily break my apartment lease. Is it possible that 
    Canada, whose national mascot is the beaver, is becoming a force majeur in high end audio. Should we all start  worshipping the beaver more? I hope Israel, who has a pet beaver, brings it to the CES show, so we can all  pet it. Look for my full evaluation on the Coincident Web Site. (905)886-6728 FAX (905) 886-2627 

    Dr. Gizmo 

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