Each Millennium speaker consists of two separate enclosures.  A separate bass unit houses two 8-inch woofers and a two-way, three driver enclosure is stacked atop the bass cabinet.  The design goal was to produce a full-range system which handles frequencies down to 28Hz and up to the inaudible range.

Listeners will delight in the speakers' ability to eclipse their existence and allow the music to flow.  Well resolved bass, succinct midrange information and smooth-as silk highs make the Millenniums rare instruments to divulge every nuance of musical program material-whatever the choice.  We believe that the Millenniums have an identity best described as musically convincing.  Although we didn't measure or plot curves, it is clear to us that the Millenniums are very special designs.  The build quality is exemplary, the components are of the finest caliber and the overall cabinet finish is immaculate.  The Millenniums are world-class, high-end, highly-resolving and utterly musical.
-Inner Ear Report-Vol 10 #4, 1997

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