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Now Moved to Class A Speaker Cables

This cable has been a "Reference" (Class A) since April 2005. However, it has always been in the "Lower" category, because I still preferred the Polk Speaker cables with SET amplifiers on my reference speakers. This has now changed. There are no longer any "qualifiers". The Extreme cables outperformed the Polk on my current reference system when I, and an associate, conducted a "shoot-out" in May, 2008. Further, I feel the cables have even improved since then, because of final "break-in", though only slightly.

The differences between the two cables were not "huge", but were still easily noticeable. The sound was
(at the least) more immediate, transparent and dynamic. The soundstage was also larger and more expansive. The fact that we were both "surprised" by these results*, make me feel convinced that this was all "real" and not just our joint "fantasy".

*Due to our unavoidable prejudices, based on the negative results we both previously experienced back in 2004. At that time, the Polk outperformed the Coincident Extreme on my then reference system, using SET amplifiers. We couldn't help avoid the thinking that those same final results would be repeated. I have long felt that being "surprised" is one of the most important experiences in "Audio". If nothing else, it keeps one humble.

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