From High-End Audio:

COINCIDENT EXTREME SPEAKER CABLE- This is the only cable I've ever heard outperform the Polk speaker cables in a direct comparison. This was in June 2004, using my own Polk cables, though it was "only" with push-pull amplifiers (which constitute around 99% of all amplifiers). Since then, according to Israel Blume, this cable has been further improved, and recently I have used the newest version on my Ars Acoustica subwoofers. The amplifiers were the Coincident Dragons, which are the finest high-power (and push-pull) amplifiers I have ever heard, for the bass and/or "full-range".

Further, I compared these new (6 foot) Coincident Extremes to an even better pair of Polks. This time I used a 3 foot pair of Polks, with 6 cables in parallel, while the "original" Polks were 6 feet with 8 cables in parallel. The results....

The superiority of the new Extremes over the Polks is now even more pronounced and noticeable. I realize we are only discussing frequencies below 200 Hz at this point, but the improvements are still such that I wouldn't want to go back to the Polks. The Dragons now sound even tighter, cleaner, deeper and more defined, while they also have a slightly lower sound-floor. This is the best of all worlds: a combination of the strengths of transistor and tube designs. I'm not through with these cables, in fact I just started with them, but based on what I've already heard, it's possible, if not probable, that the Dragons require these cables to be heard at their considerable best.

From High-End Audio:

COINCIDENT EXTREME SPEAKER CABLE- This cable did what no other speaker cable has done in the last 25 years; it outperformed the Polk Speaker Cable, head to head, and it was my own Polk cable that it beat out, so there was no chance of an inferior pair creating a false outcome. In the past, the Polk, my own Polk, has always been better than any speaker cable I've compared it with; no matter what the system, no matter how "cold" the Polk was, literally or figuratively, no matter what music was being played. This time it wasn't better. I was too shocked to remember all the details, but the Polk sounded murky, veiled and compressed by comparison.

I've borrowed a pair of these new "Extreme" cables to use on my own system, and I'll try to report back in August sometime.

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