System Three An Affordable System? Maybe...

OCM 100 Power Amplifier $1,000.00
OCM Preamplifier 50 $775.00
Coincident Technology Speakers Model Conquest $1,995.00
Teac VRDS 25 DC Player $3,000.00
Magnum Tuner Model FT11 $625.00
Ultralink Speaker Cable and Interconnects $700.00
Raduson Audio Stand $600.00
Grand Total $8,695.00

The "small" OCM amp and preamp combination sings with the Conquest speakers. The Teac offers resolute info, the tuner is upscale, the Ultralink cables come in as winners in the above system layout. The stand addresses vibrations, looks great, but is optional. This is a good system assembled for thosee who want better sound, but aren't quite ready to take the plunge into megabuck components.

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